Thinking of Going Green?
How About a Green Home?

Yes, how about a green home? That's what I'm going for.

And you're invited to accompany me on this exciting journey.

This is the story, step-by-step and dollar-by-dollar - mistakes and all -
of how I went

from this

My green home, before renovations

to this

Much better, but not quite done: still needs landscaping, as you can see.

About This Site

By creating this website, my goal was to share with you how I am transforming this little house from a typical energy-guzzling '50s building into the comfortable, energy efficient and resource conserving modern home that I love living in now.

In these pages, you can follow my green home project - both in text and in photos - as it continues to take shape.

As each stage develops, it is being documented - warts and all! - in words and pictures, in order to "feed" this site, so that repeat visitors will always find something new - something useful, hopefully.

But to keep abreast, you may want to subscribe to the Green Home Blog, a sort of journal that is accessible via RSS feed (see the RSS box, left). That way, when a new page has been added, or a previous page updated with the most recent happenings, or when some news or announcement has been posted, you will be the first to know!

Hopefully, following these adventures will encourage you to undertake your own green renovation project.

As well, this site aims to become a resource for you if you think that going green at home is the right thing to do.

You're Probably Greener Than You Think!

You may not realize it, but you're already going green at home, even if all you're trying to do is save money.

For instance, you don't like to see your precious heat escape, so you find out how to insulate a house. That's as green as can be, because as you save money, you are conserving energy!

You want to protect your green home against moisture, so you install a moisture barrier. Is that green? You bet! Not only will your house last longer (replacing it uses up a lot of energy), but it will also be more energy efficient. Ka-ching!

Do your reuse materials? Have a rain gutter system? Carefully caulk your doors and windows? Green, green, green!

But if you want to go all the way and become self-sufficient in electricity by equipping your house with solar panels, I cover that too.

And if you want to go organic in your garden, I offer expert help on that topic as well.

Digging a well? I did that, and you can follow the process step-by-step, all the way to installing the submersible pump and connecting the whole system.

And so on...

And if you have a green home question, contact me and I will answer it to the best of my ability and experience. Or check the Q&A section to see if it's been answered there. If not, there's a contact form at the bottom of that page.

Living Green

We know that living green is much more than the "3Rs" now - it's a whole new way of thinking.

That's why, as well as documenting my green building project, I have tried to cover other subjects that have to do with taking care of our home environment, planet Earth.

This site -- like my little house -- is a work in progress, so come back often, bookmark us, subscribe to the RSS feed... I'm looking forward to your visits and your comments!


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Vapor barrier thumbnail for right column SEAL UP THE HOUSE
The what, where and how-to of our complete vapor barrier installation.

White spray foam insulation INVEST IN SPRAY FOAM INSULATION
Our insulation project uses two kinds of foam. You may need both too.

Basement stairs: New stairs MOVE THE STAIRS
Moving a staircase? It's easy! Watch this step by step stair project how-to from top to bottom. (All puns intended!)

Home insulation: Duct encased in blue spray foam insulation PILE ON THE INSULATION
Looking for ways to save energy? Home insulation should be high on your list of priorities. Get the facts.

Folding attic ladder label ANOTHER STAIR STORY
We took out the stairs to the second floor, so now how do we get up there? A folding attic ladder supplies the answer.

Drilling a water well: capped well for TOC TAP THE EARTH FOR WATER
We prospect for water by ancient means and lo! water appears. See it happening, step-by-step.

Are you serious about reducing your impact on the environment? Start by downsizing your home! See how I did it -- and why.

Solar energy for homes: sun and solar panels LEARN ABOUT SOLAR ENERGY
If you thought solar energy was only about solar panels, think again... and read this article by solar energy expert Michael Martinez.


...I clicked to your site and found a great wealth of information. I'm about the least tool oriented person there is around, but I'm passionate about many of the topics you write about. And I find the writing to be very well done and informative even for a non-handy person like me. Welldone.

Prague, Czech Republic


I would just like to thank you for maintaining this resource. It's essential that information about environmental issues are easily and broadly accessible.

United States


Thank you so much forsharing your exquisitely well-told stories! I have spent the last 2 hours reading the whole saga, and I appreciate all of the detail that went into your decision making. I hope you are enjoying your green home with cozy surroundings and energy efficiency.

Unites States


Thank you for taking the time to write down your experiences. It is truly a valuable service.

United States


Thanks for all the info on this site, it is very thorough.

United States


Very well documented and I appreciate the work and the effort you have put into this.



Hey! Just wanted to compliment you on your site! I'm a new, first time homeowner, with a dirt crawlspace andhave searched for hours on how to set it up.

Living here in Montreal, and the conditions aren't easy on a house and this site sure helped to answer some questions.

Thank you for displaying your work and experience!



Have to say I absolutely love your site. Really complete, well thought out, and has me clicking from page to page...



I just wanted to say I love your site! Well done!

United States


Love your web site. You are an inspiration to me. I am 66 and I want to build a small green home on my land. [...] Your green home looks beautiful. I wish you luck in all your endeavors!

United States


Thanks again for your advice! Your blog has been really helpful!



I visited your site today and just wanted to congratulate you on a well presented and informative website.



Just came across your site and think it is fab! Lots of info there for sure!



I would like to thank you for your excellent articles covering your well drilling experience. (...) I expect to be visiting your site often!  




A few years ago, I bought this fixer-upper for $10,000.

It had been vacant for six years, had no water supply, needed a new roof, and was likely to conceal an unsuspected number of nasty flaws.

Don't believe me? See these "Before" pictures.

My intention was to turn it into as "green" as home as I could, within my physical, financial, and geographical limits – and to share this adventure with you, step-by-step and dollar-by-dollar.

I'm not quite finished, but I do have a few "After" pictures to show.

If you want to follow me on this exciting adventure, you can subscribe to this site by RSS feed -- see the box below the navigation bar on the left.